Clean Greens

Designer: Greener Grass Juicery


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For a Clean and Lean Route. The Healthy taste of the clean greens has the body welcoming this power fuel for any adventure encountered today.

Lemon/Kale/Celery/Cucumber/Ginger/Green Apple

•Weight Loss

•High Nutrient Density


•Celery can reduce inflammation and restore immunity balance

•Kale contains a high amount of vitamin C. It has about 4.5 times more than spinach

•Cucumbers help with weight loss due to its high water content. Which also helps you feel more full
•Ginger reduces exercise-induced muscle pain.
•Green Apples can help lower the risk of diabetes
•One Lemon contains 31mg of Vitamin C and 51 % of the daily recommended amount
•Mint helps you digest your food after you eat 
•Raw & Organic 
•Cold Pressed & Non-Pasteurized

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