Dre Beets


Designer: Greener Grass Juicery


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With this sweet yet tart flavor... Your Blood will be flowing to this Beet. 




•Beets elevate athletic performance by improving oxygen use. Also increasing endurance up to 20% according to studies.

•Beets contain betalains which have many anti inflammatory properties

•Beets are high in nitrates, which improve the efficiency of the mitochondria (responsible for producing energy in your cells) 

•Cucumber is made up of 96% water which is great for hydration

•Apples can lower the risk of the #1 leading cause of death, which is heart disease

•Lemon contains high amounts of vitamin C which help reduce skin wrinkling, dry skin from aging, and skin damage from the sun

•Mint contains menthol which relaxes the muscles of the digestive tract

•Raw & Organic

•Cold Pressed & Non-Pasteurized  

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